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Assault and Battery Charges

Assault and Battery is a vigorously prosecuted offense in Massachusetts because it is a serious violent crime. If you have been accused of assault and battery charges , it is in your best interest to immediately retain an experienced and knowledgeable Massachusetts Defense Attorney to advocate on your behalf.

Assault and Battery is really a two-fold offense. Assault is the act of threatening to cause bodily harm to another. Battery is actually causing the bodily harm. Depending upon the details of the crime, charges can range from misdemeanors to serious felonies. If convicted, you could face serious consequences including hefty fines, jail time and a permanent criminal record. Criminal records are available to future employers, landlords, lenders, and anyone who runs a background check on you.

One can not overstress this point - assault and battery charges are serious criminal matters in Massachusetts. It is imperative for you to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. At Xifaras Law we are here to assist you in preparing to fight those charges and defend you in court.

If you have been charged with assault and battery, get an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible. Too many people wait after being charged with assault and battery and end up having to suffer through more serious consequences than they would have had they simply contacted an attorney early on. Don't wait! Contact Xifaras Law today and let us put our over 25 years of experienced to work for you.

Assault & Battery With a Dangerous Weapon

Almost anything can be used as a weapon – a gun, a knife, a bottle, even a rock. When you've been charged with Assault and Battery with a dangerous weapon, the punishment is determined by the severity of the injury inflicted, not the weapon used.

In Massachusetts, you could face up to 10 years in prison and $5,000 in fines for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The punishment becomes even more harsh when the assault and battery causes serious bodily injury such as permanent disfigurement, loss of a limb, or a risk of death. Also, if the assault and battery was against a minor, a pregnant woman or in violation of a restraining order, you will again face a more serious consequence. However, again, whether the weapon used was a knife or a shod foot, if convicted your consequences will be the same.

Often, it is the prosecution that makes the decision of whether to charge you with assault and battery or the more severe assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. At Xifaras Law, we will put our experience to work to help reduce your charges, have your sentence reduced or your case fully dismissed. It is very important to retain an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to shoulder the burden of your case. Call Xifaras Law as soon as possible after your arrest so we can put our experience and expertise to work for you.

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