Family Law Attorney Services


Getting through a divorce is a long and emotionally challenging process for both parties. You need an experienced lawyer to help you get or keep what you deserve.

At some point after a divorce has been finalized, the circumstances of either party may change. We can help get you get a modification in court or represent you in fighting an unacceptable modification request.

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Child Custody and Support

There's no more important aspect to a divorce than the welfare and well being of children of a divorce. Although both parents understand that fact, agreeing to the child custody, visitation rights, and child support issues are emotionally challenging part of the divorce process.

You need an experienced divorce lawyer to help you negotiate and arrive at the best arrangement for you and your children. At Xifaras Law, we can help. Read more about Massachusetts child custody attorney services.

Restraining Orders

Your personal safety a top priority in an abusive or potentially dangerous relationship. We can assist you with obtaining a restraining order or discuss your legal options for dealing with domestic violence case. You need an empathetic attorney who will be a strong advocate for your personal rights.

A restraining order (also called a protective order) is a legal and binding document issued to protect an individual from physical or sexual abuse. In Massachusetts, restraining orders are civil in nature. It is only when they are violated that they reach criminal status.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Louis S. Xifaras will help you fight against a restraining order. If you have already violated an order that is in place against you, we will defend your rights and challenge the order if necessary. While many restraining orders are put in place against immediate family members for domestic violence or abuse, at Xifaras Law we understand that every situation and set of circumstances is unique. We will listen to you and your concerns and treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.

Whether a restraining order has been put in place against you, or you need guidance in issuing a restraining order against an individual, call Xifaras Law today at 508-339-0100 for a free and confidential consultation. Do not wait. Get the legal advice and help you need today.