Legal Services at Xifaras Law

Criminal Case Defense

Fighting criminal charges requires an attorney with experience, expertise, and a thorough and intimate understanding of the local courts. That's where Xifaras Law can help you with your serious legal situation.

Attorney Louis Stephen Xifaras has over twenty-five years' experience of helping clients like you successfully resolve their serious criminal law issues. Find out more about Massachusetts Criminal Law representation.

Civil Case Representation

It is important to understand your rights and explore all your legal options as a party in a civil law proceeding. Civil law encompasses a wide range of legal issues including Family Law, Business Law, Estate Planning and Probate Court and Personal Injury.

Using our experience and available legal resources, we will help you explore your options and advise as to the most beneficial and legally prudent course of action in your civil law matter. Call the Xifaras Law office at 508-339-0100 to schedule a time when we can sit down with you to discuss your civil matter.

Arraignment Representation

Your appearance in court for an arraignment after an arrest or summons is mandatory. Appearing in court to answer charges against you can be quite unnerving. And the way you address those charges can have serious implications on the path your case takes.

It is important to have an experienced attorney to appear with you in court to take care of that requirement and set the stage for a prudent legal course of action.

Call the Xifaras Law office at 508-339-0100 to arrange arraignment representation and to schedule a time to discuss your case and possible options to best resolve your legal matter.

Small Business Legal Services

At Xifaras Law we can help small business owners and entrepreneurs with their business legal needs. Our aim is to help you navigate the legal waters to protect your interests so that you can focus on serving your customers and making your business grow.

Schedule an appointment today to speak with an attorney at Xifaras Law about your business legal needs. We can help you with or represent you in a small business transaction, create or review a commercial lease, help you establish a new Massachusetts corporation or LLC, and more. Find out more about our small business attorney services.


When you agree to a personal or business arrangement with another party, that agreement becomes a contract with legally binding implications. A formal contract is an instrument that spells out legally binding agreements between the parties involved in that contract. Not adhering to the terms of a contract can have serious consequences, often with devastating financial implications.

If you are considering entering into a personal or business agreement, especially if it includes substantial financial or property elements, you should protect your interests by consulting with an attorney to review your pending contract.

And if you have an existing contract which the other party is not honoring or adhering to properly, you may need legal help to enforce the terms of that contract. Start by consulting with an attorney to review the terms of your contract and to discuss your enforcement ooptions. Take control of your contractual matters. Call the Xifaras Law office at 508-339-0100 to discuss our services.

Legal Second Opinion

So you've got an important decision to make. And you wonder if you have all the right legal advice so far or you want to get a sound second opinion on which option you should pursue? At Xifaras Law we can help put your mind at ease by reviewing your legal issue and discussing the benefits and downsides of all the options on the table.

Whether it's a criminal defense case, civil law matter, small business transaction, real estate contract, bankruptcy filing, estate planning question, or other legal issue, at Xifaras Law we are here to help. Call us at 508-339-0100 to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help you move forward towards a proper resolution of your legal issue.


If you would like to consult about a legal issue in which you have an upcoming deposition or have an attorney accompany you to a deposition, we may be able to arrange that service for you. Chances are you have never had to appear in a deposition before. That alone may make it a somewhat intimidating or stressful experience.

If you do not have current representation for a legal matter, would like to consult with an attorney about an issue, and possibly have an attorney accompany you to your deposition, call the Xifaras Law office at 508-339-0100 to explore our service options.