Areas of Practice at Xifaras Law

Criminal Defense AttorneyMA Workers CompPersonal Injury AttorneyMassachusetts DivorceMassachusetts OUIFiling for Bankruptcy

Criminal Defense

Fighting serious criminal charges requires an attorney with experience, expertise, and a thorough and intimate understanding of the local courts. Attorney Xifaras is highly experienced in Massachusetts Criminal Law and can represent your best interests. Find out more about our criminal defense practice.

Workers' Compensation

It is important to know your rights as an employee or employer when a workplace injury results from unsafe working conditions or actions. Attorney Xifaras is well-versed in Massachusetts Workers Comp claim. Find out more about Massachusetts Workers' Compensation.

Personal Injury and Accidents

As a personal injury lawyer, we can help you fight for your rights when you suffer a personal injury due to negligence of a business or direct actions of another person. We also represent clients injured in car accidents, slip and falls and dog bite cases. Find out more about our Massachusetts Personal Injury services and what to do if you've been injured in an accident.

Divorce and Child Custody

Getting through a divorce is a long and emotionally challenging process. You need an experienced divorce lawyer to help you get or keep what you deserve. Find out more about divorce in Massachusetts and child custody.

OUI/DUI/Drug Arrest Defense

Drug charges and driving under the influence charges are serious criminal offenses in Massachusetts, often with mandatory penalties. We can help. Find out more about Massachusetts OUI and DUI attorney services.

Massachusetts Bankruptcy Filing

Let our experienced bankruptcy attorneys guide you through this difficult financial situation and help you establish a fresh start for the future. Filing bankruptcy in Massachusetts requires an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, which you'll find in Attorney Xifaras.

Estate Law, Wills and Trusts

Our attorneys will help you find a new peace of mind and security for you and your loved ones through smart estate planning, will and trust preparation. Find out more about our estate planning attorney and Massachusetts Wills and Trusts.

Professional Licensing

When your career is at stake in a professional licensing matter, you need an attorney who will be a strong advocate for you. Let Xifaras Law help you secure the professional designations and benefits you have earned and deserve. Find out more about how we can help with Professional Licensing.