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Has an incident at work jeopardized your professional license?

If an unfortunate event happened while you were on duty at your place of employment that has put your reputation and hard-earned professional license at risk, we want to help you defend yourself and your career. When someone like a patient or member of the public has been injured or potentially harmed in any way due to your actions or inaction while on the job, your employer may have to report the incident to the local authorities or to a governing board overseeing your profession.

A charge of professional negligence or possibly even a criminal action against you may be triggered by such an incident. No matter how serious or insignificant that incident may seem to you now, it may have the potential to affect your professional license, your career, and your life. Your professional license allowing you to practice in Massachusetts or anywhere in the future can be suspended or revoked resulting on the outcome of an investigation into one single event.

For example, if you are a nurse, doctor, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or pharmacist and a patient has been injured or died under your supervision, you may be charged with negligence or professional misconduct. In careers where the public's health and safety are on the line and which depend directly on how employees perform their professional duties, unfortunately accidents do occur. You need an experienced and strong legal advocate on your side to fight for your rights in such a case.

You have delivered years of fine professional service and now one incident has the potential to affect your license, derail your professional career, and negatively change your life. We can assist you to vigorously defend yourself, work to help you keep your professional license and maintain your career.

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