Commercial Property Leasing

Commercial Lease Contracts

When it comes to leasing or leasing out a commercial property, there are many details to consider and review in a commercial leasing contract. Whether you are the leasor or the lessee, having an attorney experienced with commercial real estate contracts is important.

Commercial Lease Considerations for Landlords

Your goal as an owner or manager of a commercial property is to protect your investment. At the same time, you must also meet the needs the needs of your tenant. At Xifaras Law we understand this. Our goal is to help you receive the most out of your real estate investment financially and otherwise.

We will assist you at every level of your lease transaction. From the beginning stages of drafting up the lease, straight through to collecting your rent and all the documentation and necessary paperwork that comes between.

We can help you with agreements, assignments and subordination leases, as well as collection of rent and evicting a tenant should that become necessary.

Commercial Lease Considerations for Tenants

In the state of Massachusetts, tenants are entitled to certain rights. We understand that as a tenant of a commercial property, your goal is for your business to function as well as possible. We appreciate that the space you lease is a major determining factor in whether or not your business will be successful and profitable.

As a Massachusetts commercial lease attorney, Louis S. Xifaras has the experience you need. He will guide you and work with you on understanding and modifying lease agreements so that you and your landlord will both be happy.

Things such as choice of location, using a lease as collateral for your financing needs, or defending against threats of eviction may arise as you prepare to lease a commercial property, or perhaps after you are already settled into a space.

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